Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Miss Avery's Flower Girl Doll

I had the fortune of being commissioned by a friend to make a custom doll for her niece-to-be, the flower girl in her wedding. I've sold other custom orders at my Etsy store but this one was for such a special event. I feel so proud!

The wedding colors are white and charcoal grey with an accent color of hot pink roses.

Here is the finished product...

Her skirt ties in the back with an oversized satin ribbon.

The body was embroidered with the flower girls name on the front and the wedding date on the back.

The shoes were a first for me. Typically my dolls have crazy tights. For this occasion I felt only glittery princess shoes would do!

Her neckline was accented with a lazy daisy stitch and pearls.

Her face was dressed up with glitter on the cheeks, fancy eyelashes, and a hot pink flower in her hair.

What do you think?

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