Wednesday, August 3, 2011

National Night Out 2011

This year marks the 28th annual celebration of National Night Out. This is a community event focused on anti-crime & anti-drug programs, support of local law enforcement, and overall community spirit.

I am proud to say that our little town held National Night Out in the town park. We might live in a small town but we have a park worth bragging about!!! This was a free event, complete with food, music, games, prizes, the fire truck, and police cars. You could even ride in the fire truck ladder all the way to the top of the old sycamore trees. That's all I really wanted to do but Nate didn't want to come. So instead we watched him ring the bell with the giant mallet (about 10 times), jump in the bouncy castle, and play mini golf.

Now, one lady at work pointed out that if everyone was at the party, who was watching the homes? I didn't think of that! But all was safe and sound when we got home.

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