Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guacamole Recipe - Bonus - How to prep an Avacado

For many years I would not go anywhere near an avocado or guacamole. I thought it looked gross. Then one day I grew up and decided to try some guacamole.

Who knew guacamole was so delicious?!?!

So today I would like to share my spin on guacamole and the bonus of how to prep an avocado.


1 Avocado
1 T. cilantro, chopped
1 lime
1 clove garlic
1 T. pickled jalapenos, chopped
salt & pepper

We'll start with prepping the avocado...

First let's talk about the ripeness. When you squeeze an avocado it should give just slightly. Letting it sit at room temperature always does the trick. If you want to make guacamole that day be sure you buy your avocado ready to go. Otherwise, buy it when it's a bit firm and check it as the days go by. A hard avocado is usually ready in a few days. If it's past its prime it will have brown spots on the inside. If there are just a few you can usually cut them out. It won't taste bad or make you sick, just won't have that pretty bright green color. The one I used for this recipe was just right!!!

To cut and open the avocado, you want to run your knife lengthwise around the pit. Then you can give a good twist and the two halves will ealisy come apart.

Then the fun part - getting out the pit. Take your knife and give a good whack into the pit so your knife sticks. Then a little twist and the pit will pop right out sticking to your knife.

Next you need to get all that goodness out of the shell. Run your knife through the avocado making a grid pattern and then use a spoon to scoop out the fruit. If you are using the avocado in a salsa just make the grid very small and you won't have to do any chopping!

Next you need to prep the other ingredients.

Take a scoop of pickled jalapenos and chop them up nice a fine.

Chop up the cilantro

To get the most juice out of the lime, roll and press on the counter a few times. Then cut it into quarters and squeeze into your bowl.

For the garlic, I like to make a garlic paste. I don't want to bite into a big hunk of garlic in my guacamole, salsa yes, guacamole no. So... I mince up the garlic clove and then pour a little salt on the garlic pile. Then I use the flat side of my knife and press and roll it around. The salt acts as sandpaper for lack of a better term, and helps to turn the garlic into a paste like consistency.

Then I throw in a little fresh ground pepper and a touch more salt.

Finally, use a potato masher and combine all ingredients to the consistency you like. Personally, I like mine rather smooth with just a few chunks here and there.

I like to put it into the refrigerator to give it a little chill. This recipe makes enough for a good snack for 2 people.


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