Monday, May 23, 2011

Ring Bearer Pillow Tutorial

Today a friend of mine came to me with a look of need in her eyes. The wedding is this weekend and due to a family eemergency, she has been given the task of making the ring bearer pillow, and she does not have a sewing machine!!! I could not in good conscience let her hand sew this pillow which would take hours when I could whip it up in 30 minutes. So I thought I would share since this is not something I would normally have the opportunity to make.

Here are the materials I was given.

She mentioned that the ring bearer was a 3 year old little boy so I decided to make the pillow 10". The fabric was quite slippy so I cut an 11" square allowing for a 1/2" seam.

Next I cut 4 strands of ribbon and shaped them into a bow. I did not tie the ribbon so there was not a lot of bulk in the center. Instead I sewed the ribbon right to the pillow.

Then I layered the other square on top (right sides together) and pined making sure that all of the ribbon was inside the pillow.

Sew all around the outside leaving a 3" hole to turn the pillow right side out and stuff. Use a paint brush or other long & thin object to push out the corners when turning right side out.

Next, stuff the pillow. Start by adding stuffing deep into each corner to be sure the corners are well defined. Then add small pieces throughout the inside of the pillow being sure that you distribute evenly. I have found that if you add too much stuffing all at once the pillow ends up looking lumpy. This fabric was extra thin so this step was very important.

Then you need to hand sew the opening using a blind stitch and using thread that is the same color as your fabric. Since this fabric was thin I did not pull my stitches too tight to avoid a puckered or gathered look.

Finally, I sewed a button in the center of the bow. I started by coming up through the back of the pillow, through the button, and then back through the pillow, finishing with a knot in the back. I pulled the thread tight so that the button would recess down into the pillow adding nice dimension.

The rings will then be tied to the tails of the bow to secure onto the pillow.


  1. nice job...I'm sure she'll be happy (and relieved!!)

  2. Thanks Michelle. I was happy with the result, nice and simple :)